Our Directors


Mrs. Jeanette Baldwin

Jeanette Baldwin has served as Director of the CDC since it began in 1997. While First Lady at Crossroads Baptist Church, she oversaw the development of the CDC, its policies and growth. Hundreds of children have benefited from her tireless work on behalf of CDC families and employees. She worked hand-in-hand with her husband as the guiding force behind the practical design of the CDC’s state-of-the-art facilities. Jeanette will be officially retiring as Director in October, and will be succeeded by her daughter, Dee Dee Williams. She and Dr. Baldwin reside in Annandale, Virginia where she enjoys being a grandmother of nine and an avid reader.


Assistant Director

Mrs. Deborah "DeeDee" Williams

Mrs. Williams, or as she is better known as: Mrs. DeeDee, has a love for the education of children.  Her love for them and their well-being has caused her to make a major change in her career and professional direction.  She felt led by God to be mentored by Mrs. Baldwin (her Mother), and teach children and have a greater impact in their lives.  She has worked as the K2, and K5 (Kindergarten) teacher during her years at the CDC, where her love grew more each day for the children there.  Her drive and compassion are evident in all that she is involved in at the CDC.  She has a forward thinking mind, balanced by Godly principles that allow her to move the center in a exciting direction for the years to follow.  The staff loves and respects her, following the daily direction as she has transitioned into taking over the reigns of the day to day responsibilities of the center.  Most importantly, she loves the children and is invested in their bright futures!


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K2 Class

Belinda Fewlass

Mrs. Fewlass has worked in childcare for over 20 years. She has worked with multiple age groups and currently teaches K2.  Mrs. Belinda enjoys every aspect of teaching, and admits that working with young children has opened her eyes to their incredible capacity for learning both academically and emotionally.

Rose Spinner

Known affectionately as “Auntie Rose,” Mrs. Spinner has cared for children for more than 36 years. In addition to her position at the CDC, she serves as nursery coordinator for Crossroads Baptist Church. Auntie Rose has an obvious love for children of all ages. Their love for her is obvious as well.

Caire Grigsby

Miss Caire is a new addition to the Crossroads Child Development Center. She recently transitioned from a childcare center to join the CDC. She is currently working toward receiving her undergraduate degree in American Sign Language with English Interpretation. She enjoys teaching children, while learning more about "who they are and the light that they shine!" Caire is a member of the Crossroads Baptist Church. She loves to sing in the choir where she feels she can show her adoration and love for the Lord.

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Anita Tibbs

Mrs. Anita has been around the CDC from the very beginning.  She serves on our support team and helps with various tasks around the center, to include the front desk reception.  Mrs. Anita has a servants heart and gives her time and talents to support the day to day operations.  Mrs. Anita greets all visitors with their first warm smile and pleasant greeting when dropping off a child, or visiting the center in the early mornings.  She loves the children, and they show their love for her each day.  She believes in the important role the center has on the lives of the children, and has even had her own children graduate through it many years ago.

Stephaney Martin

Mrs. Stephaney is a new addition to our support team, working at the front desk as the receptionist.  Her gentle and kind spirit is apparent to all.  She is typically the first staff member you meet when dropping off the children in the mid morning, or arriving to pick them up in the evening from school.  Mrs. Stephaney is also one of the staff that you interact with when you are calling into the center.  She has a servants heart, loves the Lord, and helps whenever asked of. 

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K3 Class

Joyce Ray

Mrs. Ray has taught at the CDC for over 17 years. She chose to join the staff after being extremely impressed with the care provided to her son. Mrs. Ray thoroughly enjoys teaching. Her great joy has been to witness new generations of children excel through the program, including her own granddaughter

Lizet King

Mrs. King is the arts and crafts instructor at the CDC and specializes in American Sign Language. Born deaf and being the parent of a child with special needs, she has a passion for special education and teaching independent living skills to the disabled. Mrs. King and her husband also coordinate the Crossroads Deaf Ministry where they train hearing people to become sign language interpreters.

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K4 Class

Christine Brown

Mrs. Brown began teaching at the CDC in 2006, and has taught every class except K3. She home schooled her three children and has worked in childcare for 27 years. She enjoys tutoring and has a particular fondness for teaching children to read.

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K5 (Kindergarten) Class

Thais Todd

Mrs. Todd was a stay-at-home mom who homeschooled three children from elementary through high school. She has more than 25 years of experience as a professional homecare provider and has taught various grades and subjects in the CDC and Crossroads Christian Academy over the past 13 years. Her education includes studies in international relations, art, math and science.

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